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Welcoming in 2023, Art Reflections and Intentions

My "Word of the Year" for 2022 was JOY.

In 2023, I hope to continue to focus on things that bring me JOY. I have been daydreaming about starting a creative blog, which brings me JOY each time I think about it and so, I begin.

The Creative JoyRide Blog will be an opportunity for me to share

all the creative gifts I discover and I hope that by sharing them with you,

you will feel encouraged to live your own creative life with JOY!

The Creative JoyRide Blog is for creatives, artists, and wannabe artists

in all stages of their creative journey with joyful, inspiring, and artistic conversations

to ignite your creative spirit and to get you feeling inspired.

Join me every week (or so) for a joyous look at creative tips and tricks

that will light your creative fire and keep you moving thru life on a Creative JoyRide.


In With the New and out With the Old...

Is a saying we all hear from time to time. But, this year I find this even more poignant than before as I set my sights on a few big, but obtainable, studio goals. Words cannot express how much I miss seeing those of you that attended the in person studio classes, workshops, or studio events at Sage Brush over the years. It truly was a magical time and the memories of that time bring me great joy and inspiration in my current creative endeavors.

Let Go of Last Year Mantras Sage Brush Art Studio Blog

What I learned in 2020, 2021, and 2022...

Is that online art is just not the same (tech is hard, time-consuming, and takes me away from creating...ugh), BUT, during the shut-downs, it was the absolute best we could do and I know that it brought JOY to all of us that participated in the weekly journaling sessions and the weekly on-line teen classes. And since so many of us are in different cities and countries these days, the online world seems to be the best way to continue building this creative community and keep us all connected, inspired, and hopefully creating. So, I will keep plugging along at learning all this tech...for the sake of art! (Thanks for bearing with me as I learn.)

Reflections & Memories

As I reflect back on the last couple of years, in 2021 we had a few last wonderful in-person opportunities in the studio in Costa Rica....we had the last in-person Reunite Retreat with the lady's painting class, the last few teen classes, the last IB field-trip, and the last paint night in the studio before we closed, These memories I will hold in my heart forever and it warms my heart to think of how so many of you (or your children) literally grew-up before our eyes in the studio thru the years. Your attendance and support still warms my heart, and I hope the memories of all the fun we had do the same for you.

Mother-Daughter Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico

In March of 2022, 6 of us enjoyed a Mother-Daughter Creative Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is one magical city and it was Kathy and I's second time there for an art retreat and we all loved sharing it with our growing girls. We visited museums and cathedrals, learned to weave, and learned about the ancient pottery and candle-making processes, We took a cooking class, a Mezcal tasting class, visited food and craft markets, and toured a handful of local art studios, ancient sites, and marveled at all the fabulous street art. Oh, and the FOOD. We enjoyed street food, artisan meals, and rooftop feasts. We even shared a meal with a Freida Kahlo lookalike! I can't wait for our next visit to Mexico for another infusion of art, food, and explorations. Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende top my list. Have you ever been? Please share!

Art of Aliveness Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY

In October of 2022 Kathy and I had our dream of meeting our art idol, Flora Bowley, come true at an Art of Aliveness retreat in beautiful upstate New York at the Omega Institute. The stunning fall colors of the Hudson River Valley also made this trip a new source of art inspiration for Kathy and I as we enjoyed a week of creating with 40 other artistic women from around the US. Retreats really are a great way to reset, realign, and refocus on what is most of course! Marian Paniagua and I continue to work on the shared dream of holding Art and Yoga retreats of our own (another learning curve!).

Reflections and Highlights

The 2023 year has only just begun and I have so much to be grateful for already. The month of January is always a good month for reflection and the time of year when I choose my word of the year (WOTY) and do a New Year Vision board which I will share with you in future blogs.

I like to begin each year with a list of highlights to start the creativity flowing...

  • Grateful that all 4 kids were home for the holidays

  • Blessed for my family and friends far and near

  • Thankful for my supportive and creative tribe (you know who you are)

  • Hopeful that 2023 will bring more creative adventures

  • Thrilled for continued time to create

  • Excited for more creative adventures

Word of the Year

Choosing a WOTY helps to keep reinforcing these little sparks of gratitude, to nurture new dreams, and to fuel the attainment of new goals month after month all throughout each new year.

What about you?....What are your dreams, creative or otherwise, for 2023?

What little creative steps will you take as 2023 begins to unfold? One thing I know for sure is that sharing art and encouraging other creative souls to create brings me immense joy. Along with starting the Creative JoyRide Blog, art journaling will also continue to be a big part of my personal creative practice in 2023, and I hope to share this creative practice with more and more of you.

So, stay tuned for special surprises and classes in the coming months! This means I have to be brave, show up more, and keep plugging thru all the tech hurdles so I can keep spreading the JOY of art and creativity.

Let's do it together!

Have a beautiful year my creative friends, full of artistic dreams coming true! I can't wait to share this new online creative and joyful journey with you!



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DL MacArthur
DL MacArthur
Jan 15, 2023

Hello; loved my very short time at the Sage Brush studio and it remains a highlight of my trip to CR. You asked about Mexico City? Absolutely delightful, amazing, breathtaking...a must see city to experience for sure. My recommendation is to go during Easter if possible - the city population decreases dramatically as people head to the beaches and other locales... traffic is reasonable and makes exploring various parts of the city much easier. The art museums are outstanding as are the other museums. We hired a driver to take us around - just made travel simpler and predictable. Be aware of the altitude (give yourself a couple of days to adjust) and the air pollution (bring antihistamine i…

Replying to

Thank you Darcy…I can’t wait to go! Been to many cities in Mexico, but never Mexico City, so I’m ready!

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