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Currently Full

Our vibrant Ladies Intuitive Painting Class

is Filled with artists who have completed our courses in Beginning Painting,

Color 101,

Collage 101,

and Intuitive Painting.  


If you are interested in joining this Masterclass,

begin our beginner courses today!


Admission to Masterclass by approval only

and it includes a private Facebook group for group support and comments.  

This community is amazing

and has made the art making process enjoyable for all.  


The group travels on an art retreat each March. 

The photos above are from the 2021 art retreat

held at the studio in Costa Rica in March

attended by 8 ladies.

The Masterclass includes monthly:

1.  1 New lesson each month presented on a group Zoom


2.  1 live Q & A Session to help with progress


3.  1 Implementation week

(A quick check-in Zoom then everyone heads off to paint...creates great accountability)

4.  1 Critique to again have others in the mastermind help with progress

At the beginning of a new month,

the artist can choose to start a new painting

or continue working on a project from the month prior.

Some months are all learning

Some are all experimenting around a topic

and implementing skills in study formats

Examples of Themes can Include:

1.  Color Mixing

2.  Blind Contour Drawing

4.  Color Palettes

5.  Ways to Start a Painting

6.  Adding Collage to your Painting

7.  Negative Space Painting

8.  Inspiration Building

Must complete the following prior to joining:

Brushes 101 (free)

Markmaking 101 (free)

Color 101

Collage 101

Beginning Painting

Intro to Intuitive Painting


Upon completion of the above list, students will have a one-on-one session with the instructor to get feed back on their completed projects and to assess skill set requirements to enter the group.  This gets all painters on the same page with the same base and allows them to focus on the content of the course and more advanced skills going forward.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are ready to join...

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