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Kids Art Exploration

Starting  January 2022!

(course will be open for registration

each December for a January start

and each August for a September start )


Please inquire about scholarships or reduced rates....

we believe in making art accessible for all!

There is nothing more pure and exciting

than tweens and teens expressing themselves

through art-making.  

Our same vibrant in-person Kid's Art Class is moving on-line

to be enjoyed by all...

no matter where you are!  

Perfect for traveling families,

families living abroad,


or kids who just are not getting enough art at school.

Art Exploration includes:

Monthly Project

Weekly Support

Acrylic painting of various styles

Techniques as the primary focus/basis




Paint pouring

Fabric dying


and more!

Sample Month:

Week 1:  Project of the month presented and begun

Week 2:  Live Q&A to assist kids in progressing with the project

Week 3:  Implementation week and critiques as needed

Week 4:  Final Details and Finishing Touches

10 months of projects (no projects in Dec and April to allow for catch-up) over 12 months

and 2 months of lite and fun summer projects will be delivered in July and August.

Bonus Projects will be available for those who work fast or to be utilized during the 2 off months.

Live class time with the instructor will begin at 2:30 PST

(all live sessions will be recorded)

Printable PDFs will be available

to help with the process and progress of each project

Private Facebook Group for the kids

to share work and encourage each other, get advice, etc.


This course is designed for big kids

(approx. 5th grade and up/tweens and teens),

but can be enjoyed by younger kids

who excel at art-making

and who can work in at least a 2-hour block of time.


The skills used are a little more advanced

(precise cutting, drawing, gluing, etc.),

so just knowing where your child is realistically

will set them up for success

and the best possible experience...

Sitting with your younger child to guide them is also an option.

Must complete the following mini-courses before joining:

Brushes 101 (free)

Mark making 101 (free)

Color 101

Collage 101

Beginning Painting

Intro to Intuitive Painting


Upon completion of the following,

students will have a one-on-one session with the instructor

to get feedback on their completed projects

and to assess skill set requirements to enter the group.  


This gets all kids on the same page

with the same base,


skillset, etc.,

and allows them to focus on the content of the course

and more advanced skills going forward.  


If your child can demonstrate prior knowledge of these skills,

I am happy to wave the requirements

for those progressed along on their art journey already.


Looking forward to making art with you!

Thank you for submitting!

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