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Joy of Life Yoga and Creativity

Mom Reset Retreat Itinerary

May 22-29, 2022

LIBÉLULA Retreat Center

~ Pacific Gold Coast, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

(Other destinations coming soon!)

Motherhood got you feeling lost?
...Find Yourself in Costa Rica!

Reset and Refocus your Intentions
and Discover how Joy is your Natural State of Being
(and how incredible a good night sleep feels!)
We get it!  Motherhood takes it all out of you...
We invite you to spend 8 glorious days
not cutting up anyone's food,
tying only your own shoes,
(or go barefoot...the kids aren't here to see!)
and getting 7 wonderful full nights of sleep
with no one snoring or kicking you!!
Live Locally?
We are offering a special day rate for locals
who will receive all the benefits of the retreat,
but sleep in their own bed.
Why?  Because being local has it's perks...
But, being a mother in Costa Rica deserves a week off, too!
We invite all Mothers to
Discover the absolute sweetness
and wildness of Costa Rica
as we reset and send you home to be the best Mom you can be!
Each day we will....
Reset, Relax, Rejuvenate, Recharge, Refresh, Realign, and Reclaim
and show you how to Integrate it all into your Joyful Motherhood Life
and return home an all new Reset Mom!

The following is your custom curated
Mom Reset Retreat schedule...

Note:  Weather or other scheduling may cause us to change the order or substitute.

Once you arrive, all transportation is included to all activities, excursions, meals off property.

Sunday, May 22, 2022 - Day 1
Joyful Arrival Day as we Begin to Reset our Mind, Body, and Souls
Theme:  Reset

Welcome to your Beautiful Motherhood Reset Retreat Center for the week!

Arrivals and Orientation

Cacao Ceremony 

(please no food or drink 2 hours before)

   Dinner to Reset our Bodies from Traveling

Opening Welcome Dinner On Property (Included)

Monday, Day 2
Begin to Shake off The Responsibilities of Motherhood and Reclaim the real you
and your Wellness...
Theme:  Reclaim

Reclaim Yourself Yoga and Altar Building

(with meaningful items brought from home)

Reclaim your Wellness Yoga and Meditation

Creative Exercise:  The Power of Intuitive Art on our Wellness

Lunch on Property, Free Time

Reclaim your Wellness Sail Boat Trip (included)

Free Evening - Option to walk into town to go dancing and Reclaim our Younger Selves

Pre-Breakfast, Breakfast, and Lunch on Property (Included)

Dinner on Sailboat (Included)

Tuesday, Day 3
The Importance of Relaxing and 
the Value and Power of Stillness
Theme:  Relax

Relaxing Yoga and Meditation

Relaxing Creative Exercise

Lunch at your Local Restaurant of Choice

Free time to Rest, Read, Journal, Swim, Sun, Draw....just take time for YOU

Sunset Relaxing Yoga and Fire Ceremony/Bon Fire on Beach

Relaxing Dinner Together on Beach

Relaxing Meditation Under the Stars

Pre-Breakfast, Breakfast on Property (Included)

Lunch and Dinner off Property (not included)

Wednesday, Day 4
Recharge your Fearlessness and Awesome Self
Theme:  Recharge

Chanting Circle and Recharging Yoga

Recharge your Creative Voice in a Group Art Exercise

Lunch and Cooking Demonstration (with recipes!)

Free Time, Rest, Read, Journal...Recharge!

Visit Local Congo Trail Zip Line and be Brave! (included)

Dinner on the beach (not included)

Recharging Meditation

Pre-Breakfast, Breakfast, Lunch with Cooking Demonstration (included)

Dinner off Property (not included)

Thursday, Day 5
Refresh your Outlook and Regain your Confidence

Refreshing Yoga and Mandala Ceremony

Creative, Refreshing Art Making

Lunch, Free Time, Rest, Read, Journal, Swim, Sun, Nap….your choice!

Excursion to La Senda Double Labyrinth, Sound Ceremony,

and Dinner under the Stars by Candlelight (included)

Refreshing Meditation before Bed

Pre-Breakfast, Breakfast, and Lunch on Property (Included)

Dinner at La Senda (Included)

Friday, Day 6
Enjoy a Rejuvenating Day Planned for you,
Enjoyed by You!

Theme:  Rejuvenate

Rejuvenation Yoga and Meditation Walk on the Beach

All Day Spa Day at Los Altos de Eros (LADE)

Enjoy 3 Spa Treatments of your Choice plus a gourmet lunch (included)

Shop at Spa Boutique, Sun Bathe by the pool, Nap, Read, Relax....this is your day!

Rejuvenation Dinner on the Beach

Rejuvenation Meditation under the Stars 

Pre-Breakfast, Breakfast on Property (Included)

Lunch at Spa and Spa Treatments (Included)

Dinner out together (not included)

Saturday, Day 7 
Final Full Day
Integration of all we have Experienced 
Reclaim ourselves and our Motherhood

Theme:  Reclaim

Breakfast Cooking Demo (with recipes!)

Excursion to Tamarindo Organic Farmer's Market/shopping

Visit a local art gallery/pottery studio

Lunch on the Beach

Closing Sunset Dinner on a Mountain Top

Creative Evening: 

Closing Integrative Journaling and Meditation

Pre-Breakfast, Breakfast Cooking Demo on Property (included)

Lunch in Tamarindo (not included)

Dinner off Property at Castillo de Lilo (included)

Sunday, Day  8
Joyful Full Circle Departure Day
Theme:  Reset to Joy

Joyful Reset Yoga and Meditation

Joyful Altar Unbuilding - Art Retrieval

Departures begin

Closing Breakfast on Property (Included)

Marian and Tanya will provide a path and framework for 
your yoga and meditation practice,
creativity, art-making, 
dreams, and unrealized gifts and aspirations…
and send you home one Joyful Mother!
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