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Joyful Journaling!

Take the Time to do what makes your soul happy.
- unknown


Joyful Journaling

is about taking




time for yourself

to explore

and ignite

your creative spirit

Join us for a weekly session

each Tuesday at 9:30 am PST

(recordings available to watch/re-watch at any time)

We will focus on the process of creating

rather than a particular end result

On this joyful journaling journey,

you will learn and discover

how creative art-making

 is a vital practice

that clears the mind

and heart to see the joy

in our everyday lives

Being creative

is one of the forgotten keys

to a joyful and fulfilling life.

Join us today for a joyful weekly creative practice.....



Awaken your innate creativity

Take quantum leaps in your life

Identify and dissolve your creative blocks and activate your purpose

Gain new insight into yourself and your gifts

Learn how to overcome that feeling of stagnation

Deepen your sense of purpose and mission

Regain clarity and focus

Experience creativity as a spiritual practice

Develop a new way of appreciating your everyday life

Discover a creative force deep within you

that will flow into all things you endeavor to do,

in your everyday activities, challenges, and quests.