Weekly Creative Journaling

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Our vibrant weekly journaling class is filled with artists, non-artists, and creative types of all kinds.  

Because with journaling, it is about the time spent being creative, not the end product....but, you will wow yourself with your end products!


Journaling is personal (it is just for you!) and can be a stand alone class for anyone wanting to add more creativity to their life

or those who want to add to their already active creative practices.

The Journaling Class includes the following each week:

1.  1 New lesson each week presented on a live group Zoom at 9:30am PST and lasts approx. 1-2 hours.

(recorded for those who miss or want to watch again)

Each week brings learning techniques, practicing skills, and experimenting with all things journaling.

Examples of hemes/skills can Include:

1.  Color Mixing

2.  Blind Contour Drawing

4.  Collage

5.  Lettering

6.  Pulling prompts for added surprise

7.  Poems/Quotes

8.  Doodling

9.  Tools and art supply knowledge shared

Journaling can also be great inspiration building for those in an already active art practice.  

Many journaling pages can end up being studies for a painting or drawing in a bigger form.

There is also a PRIVATE facebook page for journals to connect with each other and encourage each other.  

Learning from other artists is one of the best learning tools out there.


Join us!