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Joy of Life Yoga and Art
Chakra and Creative Realignment 
Retreat Schedule
Get Lost and Find Yourself in Beautiful Costa Rica
by Realigning your Chakras,
Discovering how Creativity brings Joy,
and how Joy is actually your Natural State of Being

November 4-11, 2022

~ Pacific Gold Coast, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Libélula Lounge and Lodgings Retreat Center

We invite you to invest in YOU...
Put yourself first,
stretch your body,
and flex your creative muscles
over 8 wonderful days and 7 glorious nights
discovering the absolute sweetness and wildness of Costa Rica
as we explore your Creative Intuition 
and the Chakra Elements of...
Air/Unconditional Love
Space/I am
and Integrate it all into your everyday Joyful Life
No matter your skill level, come learn to live your best life
through mindful yoga, meditation, and creative exercises
that will ignite your mind, body, and soul.

The following is your custom curated
Chakra and Creative Realignment retreat schedule...

We invite you to wear the corresponding
Chakra Color for each day (optional)
any way you desire (be creative!):
Day One:  Red
Day Two:  Orange
Day Three:  Yellow
Day Four:  Green
Day Five:  Blue
Day Six:  Indigo
Day Seven:  Violet

Note:  Weather or other scheduling may cause us to change the order or substitute.

Once you arrive, all transportation is included to all activities, excursions, meals off property.

Friday, Day 1  
Arrival Day and Root in Place
Family & Social Belonging, Safety & Security
Theme:  All is One

First Chakra:  Root/Muladhara
Chakra Color:  Red
Chakra Element:  Earth/Tribe
Base of the Spine

Welcome to your Beautiful Retreat Center for the week!

Arrival, Check-in, Unpack, Rest

Welcome Sisterhood Circle and Altar Building Ceremony

(items from home/travel to soak up the energy from the week and go back home with you)

Creative Journaling Intro with Tanya

   Opening Grounding Yoga Flow Session with Marian

Restorative and unwinding practice to connect our bodies with the spirit of Costa Rica

Dinner to Nurture our Bodies after Traveling (on property, included)

Free Evening to continue getting to know each other and Root in place

Saturday, Day 2
Creativity, Sexuality, Power, Control, Money, Relationships
Theme:  Honor One Another
Second Chakra:  Sacral/Swadhishthana
Chakra Color:  Orange
Chakra Element:  Water/Emotion
Location:  Lower Abdomen

Morning Vinyasa Flow and Walking Meditation by the Ocean

Creative Activity:  Making Chakra Stones

Sacral Journaling

Wellness Sail and Sunset Dinner (included)

Honor thy Mind, Body, and Spirit on Secluded Beach

Honor One Another with Precious Time for Story Telling


Breakfast, Lunch on Property

Dinner on Sailboat (included)

Sunday, Day 3
Self-esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Respect,
Personal Honor and Trust, Gut Instincts
Theme:  Honor Oneself

Third Chakra:  Solar Plexus/Manipura
Chakra Color:  Yellow
Chakra Element:  Fire/Willpower

Location:  Above the Naval

Hatha Flow Focus on Core/Solar Plexus

Natural Mandala Making Ceremony from Items Collected on Beach

Introduction of the power of Mandalas and their Meaning

 Creative Exercise Honoring your Creativity and Solar Plexus Journaling

Free time to follow gut...massage/mani-pedi appointments (not included/optional),

read, nap, journal, swim....

Solar Plexus Yoga at Fiery Sunset on Beach

Sacred Masculine Fire Ceremony - Limiting Beliefs

Sacred Feminine Nurturing Fire Meditation 


Breakfast on Property (included)

Lunch at Local Restaurant of Choice (not included)

Dinner on Beach (not included)

Monday, Day 4
Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Hope and Trust
Theme:  Love is Devine Power
Third Chakra:  Heart/Anahata
Chakra Color:  Green
Chakra Element:  Air/Unconditional Love

Location:  Center of Chest

Morning Hatha Flow Meditation and Pranayama Open Your Heart Center

Loving Creative Practice:  Create Personal Prompt Cards with Collage Materials

Free Time, Rest, Read, Journal, continue working on Prompt on yourself!

Off-site Activity:  Zip Line and fly thru the powerful! (included)

Cacao Ceremony and Sound Journey (included)


Breakfast, Lunch on Property (included)

Dinner on the Beach (not included)

Tuesday, Day 5
Self-expression, Choice, Will, Follow your Dream, Faith, Trusting Life, Conscious Communication
Theme:  Surrender to Divine Will

Third Chakra:  Throat/Vishuddha
Chakra Color:  Blue
Chakra Element:  Vibration/Choice
Location:  Base of Neck

Hatha Flow and Chanting Mantras

Dream Catcher Workshop

Lunch, Free Time, Rest, Read, Journal

 Make advance massage appointments, make mani-pedi appointments (not included/optional),

swim, sun, nap...your choice!

Excursion to La Senda (included)

Quiet our Voices Meditation Walk thru the Double Labyrinth

Paint Mandalas in the middle of the Labyrinth

Dinner at La Senda under the Stars by Candlelight (included)

Free Evening Time -  Reflect and Revel in the Meaningfulness of the day,  Journal, etc.


Breakfast, Lunch on Property (included)

Dinner at La Senda (included)

Wednesday, Day 6
Intellect, Intuition, Open-Mindedness, Divine Guidance, Emotional Intelligence
Theme:  Seek Only Divine Truth
Third Chakra:  3rd Eye/Ajna
Chakra Color:  Indigo
Chakra Element:  Light/Intuition
Location:  Between Eyebrows

Guided Sun Salutation and Visualization Exercise

Learn to Truly See....Blind Contour Drawing and Inspiration collecting around property in journals

Being creative is all about connecting with your intuition and trusting it to guide you

Travel to the local Beach Town of Tamarindo and See New Things

(bring Journals!)

Tour Pottery Studio, Jewelry Studio, Art Studio

(personal purchases not included)

Gather on the Beach for Appetizers, Sunset Cocktails, Music, Dinner

(personal food and drink purchases not included)

Creative Evening Activity:  Finish/Paint Chakra Stones


Breakfast and Lunch on Property (included)

Dinner in Tamarindo (not included)

Thursday, Day 7 
Spirituality and Devotion, Knowing Who You Are, Detachment, Enlightenment, Awareness
Theme:  Live in the Present Moment
Third Chakra:  Crown/Sahaftrara
Chakra Color:  Violet
Chakra Element:  Space/I am
 Crown of the Head

Hatha Yoga and Meditation and Seven Chakras Integration

Gallo Pinto Cooking Demonstration (with recipes!) and Breakfast on Property

Creative Activity - Becoming Aware of our Intuition and Creative Self

Group Creative Activity...Let go!

Journaling with Moon Cycles

Moon Salutation and Closing Ceremony


Breakfast Cooking Demo, Lunch Property (included)

Closing Dinner on Mountain top (included)

Friday, Day  8
Joyful Full Circle Departure Day
Theme:  Joy

Morning Elemental Yoga

Flowing thru all the Elements and the 7 Chakras


Closing Ceremony and Altar Unbuilding

Joyful Departures Begin

Marian and Tanya will provide a Chakra Realignment journey for 
your yoga and meditation practice, creativity, art-making, 
dreams, and unrealized gifts and aspirations
…to leave you energized and full of Joy for your everyday life
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