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Joy of Life
Yoga and Art Retreats

Get Lost and Find Your Soul in Costa Rica
and Discover how Joy is your Natural State of Being
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Are you craving a change of scenery, uninterrupted time just for you
shared with other wise and loving women?

Then come join us
at a
Joy of Life Retreat!

Note:  We offer early bird book early and save!

We invite you to take time for yourself and
to enjoy and discover the absolute sweetness
and wildness of Costa Rica!

After 2+ years of an emotional roller coaster... 


Reset, Realign, and Refocus

on what is most important in life...

Your  JOY

and your joyful natural state of being.

Gather with other lovely souls in beautiful villas

surrounded by tropical gardens and the magical Pacific Gold Coast Beaches

8 days/7 nights

Gourmet Meals cooked (and cleaned up!) by resident chef

Daily Excursion to expand your exposure to the beauty of Costa Rica

Move your physical body with Hatha yoga daily

Stretch your mental body with creative exercises and adventures

Soothe your emotional body thru the power of ceremony and meditation

Become a clear vessel for JOY to flow through you 

and transform your life









Come as you are...

You are enough.

Your yoga guide was born and raised in Costa Rica

Your artistic guide lived in Costa Rica with her family for over 8 years. 


There is no better way to experience the true essence of a country,

than with guides who

know it well,

have lived it well,

and love it beyond measure.

On this journey, you will learn and discover

how yoga and creative art-making

are two vital practices that focus the mind to see the JOY

and opens the heart, giving you the freedom to feel your emotions

and embody them in a free and dynamic way.


Whether you are walking your path alone in this retreat,

or come with friends and/or family, 

the secrets of these native lands are rich

and we are overjoyed to share them with you

in a once in a lifetime sacred encounter. 

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Nature.   Nurture.   Nourish.

Attending a retreat is the perfect way to

infuse time away with profound transformation


create an immediate real connection

and shared joyful journey

with a small group of like-minded people. 

Community is one of the strongest aspects needed for growth

and a retreat enhances and creates instant community. 

We cannot place a price on shared values, experiences,

and interests found within a community...they are priceless. 


For those who 

need a break,

need to shift their perspective


need to reflect and recharge

Awaken your inner yogi and innate creativity

Are you ready to...

Take quantum leaps in your life

Identify and dissolve your creative blocks

Activate your purpose

Gain new insight into yourself and your gifts

Learn how to overcome that feeling of stagnation

Deepen your sense of purpose and mission

Regain clarity and focus

Meet other yogi’s/creatives—you are not alone!

No experience or background in yoga or art is necessary...

All you need is your curiosity and determination

to keep living a life full of joy and love.

And if you are local....

we have a special Day Only Rate for you!

Plus, we will pamper you and
expose you to adventure,
awaken your creativity,
curiosity, and inspiration...

We will nurture your mind, body and soul
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Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is known for its vibrant biodiversity and stunning scenery..

It is home to numerous national parks, biological reserves, animal refuges,

and one of the five Blue Zones in the world located in Guanacaste.

A Blue Zone is where people live the longest and are the healthiest.

Located north of Panama

South of Nicaragua

It is inhabited by over 200 volcanic formations

338 species of butterflies

over 55 species of hummingbirds! 


Costa Rica is the perfect getaway destination

for you to explore and discover! 

One more reason Costa Rica is the perfect destination for you?

Costa Rica is the happiest country in Latin America,

in the World Happiness Report world ranking,

published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. 

 And you will know this when you gaze into their people's eyes.

Yoga, Meditation & Energy Work
with Marian Paniagua

With more than 10 years of experience,

her calm presence and her innate ability

to authentically connect with her students from her heart,

allow Marian to offer an inclusive and sensitive practice.


Experience a divine trinity of inner work with Marian...

 Yoga - Meditation - Ceremony  

Marian has a profound connection with her land

allowing her to craft yoga practices impregnated with the essence of the earth

and the wisdom and the power of the elements.

And she makes sure you build your own connection with the earth

as you embody your soul throughout every breath in your yoga practice.


Her devotion to Yoga and Reiki therapy

and her path on ancestral teachings of native traditions, k

eep her grounded and living an organic life full of joy and expansion.

And she is eager to share it all with you!

Creative Practice with Tanya Belz Rauzi

If you are a beginner  (but feel compelled to be creative),

or if you have done plenty of art or other creative endeavors,

then this retreat is for you!  

Tanya will focus on the intuitive creative process,

not the end product. 

This retreat will help you build, stretch, and flex your creative self 

in a judgement-free, joy-filled zone.


Tanya will cover

Mark-making, journaling, color, contrast, the power of seeing, collage,

how to gather inspiration,

and how to trust your intuition, your instincts, and your gut. 


All of this will be covered with daily demonstrations, creative exercises,

and creative journaling that will give you a better understanding of how

to embrace the beauty of creativity – and life.


You will leave with a new way of seeing your everyday life

and a newly found creative force discovered within you

that will flow into all things you endeavor to do,

in your everyday activities, challenges, and quests.


Tanya’s workshops are best known for being fun, energetic, and transformative.

She openly shares her personal art-making techniques and creative processes

working right alongside you in a relaxed and personal manner

to help you let go of your fears and roadblocks...

and turn art making into a joyful activity. 

Reset.   Realign.   Refoucs.

What You'll Learn...
  • You will nourish your soul, lift your spirits, and feel the JOY that the practice of yoga and art-making can bring

  • How to be brave and fearless when making art - no matter your experience level

  • Learn how yoga and creating art enhances your creative thought processes in all areas of your life

  • Learn to loosen up as you stretch, create, leave behind your doubts, breathe, and feel proud of what you tried, failed, or succeeded at 

  • How to truly have FUN with yoga and the creative process

  • How to create by following your intuition

  • The magic of warm and cool colors found all around us

  • A simple process to keep your life moving forward without getting or feeling stuck

  • How to embrace your personal mark-making

  • How to understand the personal energy you bring to your life

  • How to use meditation and journaling to enhance your outlook

  • How to really see the beauty around absorb it, drink it in

  • How to let go of fears and inhibitions

  • How to embrace our own intuition

Your Creative Guides...

Your guides, Marian and Tanya, together with nature, will mirror back

to every retreat guest their primordial essence

which is joy, love, abundance, beauty, and peace.


Many come to Costa Rica in search of a deeper connection to the land and to experience a feeling of oneness with the earth.

Many come engaged in a spiritual quest or a healing process

with a deep knowing that they will find peace

and rest to support their path in a graceful way.

No matter your reason, your retreat guides will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Marian Paniagua

Born and raised in Brasilito, Costa Rica, Marian is a yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and artisan with many passions.  She offers yoga, reiki and ceremonial cacao and an artisan who loves to make things with her hands, particularly dream catchers and can honestly say that she gets caught up in their magic and uses the making of dream catchers as a form of creative meditation as when she is crafting her mind is alert, focused, in the present moment, and relaxed.

Marian has been walking and learning the teachings of the Red Path which involves relating to the elements and all of existence in a sacred way - most especially, the sacred fire.  A path that taught Marian how to purposely work with the spirt and power of the elements and to honor the sacred feminine and the wisdom of the moon through the medicine of the Moon Dance. The Red Path taught her to hold sacred space for herself and for others through the teachings of the sacred fire and the spirit of the plants, like sacred cacao which she will share at the opening ceremony of the retreat.

Marian is grateful to know that feeling of oneness with the earth and the elements still prevails inside all of us if we pay attention. This knowing led her to study the teachings of ancient civilizations like the Essenes, Egyptians and the Mayans where she learned to pray and live in a way that is respectful and loving to the spirt of our earth, the elements and the great mystery.

Tanya Belz Rauzi

As an Intuitive Painting teacher and guide, Tanya teaches students how to follow their intuition during creative exercises.  She urges students to experiment freely with the creative process, that "mistakes" are part of the process and truly happy accidents, how to follow their intuition, focus on mindfulness, giving creative permission to explore, and to experiment with the act of spontaneous expression for creative types at all levels (beginner to advanced). 


Intuitive Painting is simply painting without a plan with layers and layers of beautiful mark-making. 


After years of traveling the world with her husband, Kurt, and their four children, Tanya opened Sage Brush Art Studio in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 2015 with her dear friend, Kathy.   After 8 years in Costa Rica, Tanya and her family returned to their roots in the Bay Area in 2021….but Tanya visits Costa Rica regularly...her home away from home...where their children grew up and the beauty of the world enveloped them.

Marian and Tanya will provide a path and framework for 
your yoga and meditation practice,

the creative process, art-making,
and knowledge of the land and culture of Costa Rica.

Allowing you to witness the unfolding
of your unrealized dreams, gifts, and intuition.

During this Wellness Retreat You will receive….
  • Joyfully guided instruction on how to get inspiration from all of your surroundings and experiences

  • You will learn how to ground yourself with yoga and meditation so you can paint in a more fluid and expressive way in partnership with your soul

  • We will explore a wide range of healing and integrative, creative, and intuitive-based practices that will bring joy, clarity, alignment, and overflowing inspiration

  • Through a variety of art practices with mixed media, paint, paper, and loose drawing, you will lose and find yourself at the same time in a cathartic creative process

    • The joy of intuitive painting is learning how to play, using a variety of art tools that are unique and original each time you use them, and following lessons that are juicy and transformative  

    • You will learn how to access your intuition and discover that the intuitive mind loves to curate, layer, and set expectations free...allowing you to paint in ways you never knew you could  

    • How?  You will learn to release all pre-set expectations, pre-set plans, pre-set ideas and learn to love stepping up to a page or canvas with no idea what you will create until you begin and let it all flow

  • Through meditation, pranayama, movement, and other fulfilling practices, we will uncover a very clear, wise, and sage part of ourselves. Learn how to go within, light up the heart, ease the mind and body to witness the most beautiful alchemy 

  • This alchemy is a state of being that is most natural to you, you just need to uncover it. You will move, you will write, you will draw, you will paint, you will grow, you will embody joy

  • After this retreat, you will be able to integrate these practices into your daily life and create an environment for yourself to live a more inspired and joyful life, a life where you can thrive in and feel free in with true abundance, clarity, and integrity.

Retreat Locations

We have two beautiful retreat locations to choose from

each with their own theme...

Mom Reset and Chakra Realignment will be held at


Libélula Lounge and Lodgings

an artistic 2-acre private resort

located near the beach in Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

with room choices ranging from

a private 3 bedroom home with kitchen,

a Rancho with 2 hotel-style rooms with lounge,

to 3 private luxury Glamping tents. 


Libélula is a beautiful and elegant beach resort,

framed in a space of natural beauty, lush gardens and fruit trees

that promote rest and tranquility for its guests.


Click below to learn more about the location... 

Our second retreat location to choose from

with the theme of New Year New You....with full info coming soon!


Los Altos de Eros (LADE) 

is a luxury boutique hotel and spa

that sits high on a hill overlooking

Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

with room choices ranging from

 4 single/double rooms

2 master suites (also single or double occupancy)

LADE is a beautiful and elegant private resort,

framed in a space of natural beauty, views for days, 

and a spa, hot tub, yoga palapa, view pool 

that promote rest and respite for all its guests.


Click below to learn more about the location.... 

What's Included...

This is the kind of retreat where every little detail is taken care of. 

In fact you will not have to plan or research a thing...

just arrive and be dazzled by what we have planned for you. 

Retreat Center
  • Accommodations in two comfortable, private, and stylish boutique Retreat Centers located near the Pacific Gold Coast, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

    • Single, double, triple, and quad occupancies are available in a multitude of accommodation sizes, various amenities, and locations around each property....from private to shared

  • Special welcome surprises

  • 8 day/7 night facilitated all-inclusive retreat (except where noted when we give you a choice)

  • Healthy, bountiful, and delicious meals prepared at the Retreat Center by our own personal chef  

  • Private access to all retreat center facilities:
    • Pool​
    • Walking Paths
    • Restaurant/Bar
    • Art Station
    • Yoga Palapa
Excursions and Activities
  • Luxury Spa Experience

  • Wellness Sail with dinner 

  • Cooking Class - Traditional Meal

  • Cooking Class - Gallo Pinto Breakfast​

  • Creative workshops daily with Tanya

    • All art supplies included 

  • Daily/twice daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, ceremonies, and magic-making with Marian

    • All yoga equipment are also welcome to bring your own yoga mat/towel

  • Cocoa Opening Ceremony

  • ​Visit a local Farmer's Market​

  • ​Day trip to Tamarindo
  • Tours of pottery, jewelry, and art studios
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Bonfire Fire Ceremony
  • Walk the largest Labyrinth in the world built around two energy centers
  • Dinner under the stars at La Senda
  • Paint Mandalas and learn about their value
  • Enjoy a Sound Journey Experience
  • Zipline your fears away
  • Private Facebook Group to get to know each other prior to the retreat with bonus retreat preparation exercises to get your heart aligned with the group and journey to come
Not Included:
  • Airfare (arrival at Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (LIR), Liberia, Costa Rica)

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • Any personal expenses

  • Any meals/drinks off property
  • Any Covid related expenses (currently, there are no requirements to enter Costa Rica)
  • Should I buy more art supplies?
    The best art supplies are always the ones you already have. As you experiment and learn, you can make more purchases, but in all honestly, more supplies can add confusion and can distract from the creative process. We strive to ignite your creative process, not bog it down, and we want your experience to be enjoyable. Paint: Starting with the 3 primary colors of red, blue, and yellow plus white and black is a perfect starting point. These colors can be any variation of the 3 primary colors as these are all you need to mix all your favorite colors and will allow you to learn color mixing along the way, too. Sets of colors can be beneficial, too. Again, use what you have to start!
  • What art supplies do I need to start painting?
    A list will be provided to you for each course / class, but if you want to get an idea, here is a basic list of items you may or may not need when getting started. Again, rummage through your house to find the basics as your starting point. And because art is a creative endeavor, everything on this list can be substituted....and artists love to recycle, up-cycle, repurpose, and use found objects. So be creative! A few brushes of various sizes in flat and round. A cup or mug for water (or two!). A few cups, mugs or containers for storing your other art supplies. Rags, paper towels, or shop towels. An apron or oversized shirt to cover clothing. Note: Acrylic paint will only wash out if you do it when it is wet. Once it is dry it is permanent, so having a set of clothes for painting can also help alleviate worrying about clothes. A palette for paint: Can be a paper plate, palette paper, wax paper, plastic/glass palette A drop cloth on your floor (or old rug) Butcher paper or newspaper on your table. You can also use an old table cloth or old towels (note: plastic table covers allow water and paint to puddle, so it is best to have something that can absorb). Pencil/s for etching, sketching and writing Palette knives (an old butter knife or old credit card or hotel card key can work here, too) White pens (roller ball pens, Gelli pens, Posca brand, Sharpie brand, etc.) Black pens (Sharpie, Posca brand, Gelli pens, etc.) Paint Pens (various colors) Sponge brushes, make-up sponges, organic sea sponges, kid's fun shaped sponges Mark-making tools: This list can be really long, but a few of my favorites are bubble wrap, lids from bottles and containers of various sizes (circle templates), kids sponge rollers with patterns, etc. Stencils of any kind, but I tend to like the ones that make patterns more than the ones that make objects. Spray bottle for water Journal: This can be the $10 ones at Michaels (these pages are thin, so a coat of white paint before journaling will help make pages thicker) or a spiral pad of watercolor/mixed media paper (this paper is thicker and will not need a coat of paint to start), or a hardcover journal (with watercolor or mixed media paper. Size is your preference. I generally work in an 8 1/2 x 11 book and work with both pages at the same time making one journal page out of the two or doing two smaller projects on each facing page. Again, your choice. Scissors, rulers, measuring tape can also come in handy sometimes Tapes of various widths can be useful (my favorite is Frog tape or painters tape) Remember....this is a list of ideas and one to build over time....and never forget that improvising is a great way to also stretch your creative muscles!
  • What if I have never journaled before or am a total beginner?
    This weekly exploration is for creative types of all skill level. Even those who are not even sure they are creative. Remember, the best part about journaling is that you never have to show anyone....cause it is just for you. But you will....cause you will be amazed at what you can do! Many artists use journaling as a way to experiment with various supplies and to practice creative skills. Others never go beyond the pages of their journal, but all garner the benefits fo being creative on a regular basis.
  • Who can join Joyful Journaling?
    Anyone can join Joyful Journaling! No prior art or painting experience is necessary. At Sage Brush we believe the process of making art is more important than the outcome. It is about the time creating that matters most....but, I assure you, you will astound yourself! I also encourage you to sit side by side and do these creative exercises with your kids or grandkids. Creating together does not need to be a solitary thing and it can be a fun exercise on a rainy/snowy day to do together.
  • Can I do this with my family/friends?
    Yes, of course! Your membership allows you to share these weekly creative explorations with anyone in your household. And we love recommendations to your friends and family outside of your immediate home and welcome all within your inner circle. But, please remember that this does not include forming a playgroup or neighborhood circle to share in the cost of the sessions and do together. This is meant for families, friends who visit, a playdate that happens, or other one time gatherings with those you love and those you wish to do art enjoy and spread the creative love! And of course, tell your friends and family about your experience and encourage them to join the fun, too!
  • Will this be time consuming?
    Absolutely not! (unless, of course, you want it to be) The beauty of on-line courses is that you can do these at your own pace and you never have to follow any suggested timelines. This allows you to make art when you can and when you can't, they will be there waiting for you with nothing missed. Being creative is about making progress at any pace that is right for you. Consistency is always encouraged as it is a habit that has to be learned in the beginning, just like everything else, but your pace is your pace and it should always be what is best for you. That is one big reason I give you a couple off months. First off, December is just too busy and wrapping presents and baking cookies is the perfect creative substitute. April and August tend to be travel months for many people so I have also included these months in the off months. These months are meant for catching up in a non-stressful manner (so you never need to feel "behind"), or for you to practice a favorite page or for you to take a break and be with your families.
  • Are the courses and classes live?
    Yep (well, mostly)! You can join the weekly sessions or watch the pre-recorded lessons anytime you want. There may be a few sessions here and there that are pre-recorded if I have a commitment I can't get out of that week....but, this system allows for our schedule to go on as planned.
  • Do I have to join the private Facebook group?
    No, this is entirely up to you, but most of our members find a private Facebook group to be a safe place to ask questions and to grow and learn from others who are also going through the same course/class. It is also a great place to be inspired and to connect with others who can provide feedback and encouragement. We are always better together! Any live demos, bonus Q & A sessions, etc. will be housed within the private Facebook Group, but all the Live recordings of the weekly sessions will be available in your student portal here on the website.
  • What is the payment structure like?
    We have the option to join any of our annual memberships at a monthly rate ($20 per month) for a one year commitment, a one-time payment for one year of journaling, or a single month with 4 sessions. There is an opportunity to receive a discounted rate (50% off) if you pay for the entire year up front. You will have access to the courses as long as you are a member. Note: There are 3 months when there are no new courses, but set aside time for you to catch-up or practice favorite pages. These months are still charged at the regular rate and are built-into the fee structure. Your program also includes a FREE private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get advice, post pictures of your projects, and generally converse with your fellow journalers and teacher.
  • Do I still pay during the 3 off months?
    Yes, as these are annual plans. There are 3 months when there are no new journaling sessions. This time is set aside time for you to catch-up or practice favorite pages. These months are still charged at the regular rate and are built-into the fee structure. Why? Because we all need off time and it will be different for each of you, but I have done my best to choose the best off time/catch-up time as possible to allow for a stress free experience. I give a few months off for several reasons....First off, December is just too busy and wrapping presents and baking cookies is the perfect creative substitute. April and August tend to be travel months for many people/families so I have also included these months in the off months. These months are meant for catching up in a non-stressful manner (so you never need to feel "behind"), or for you to practice a favorite page or for you to take a break and be with your families/friends. Having breathing room in your regular creative practice is one of the best things you can do for your creative process.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    You can cancel whenever you like. Your membership is billed annually and you can choose to not renew at any time. If you wish to cancel, you must do so before the next billing cycle. Remember, you have access to the membership content as long as you are a member and you are also only required to pay the membership price you paid when you joined, even if the price increases. If you leave the membership, then want to return at a later time, you will join at the current rate and not the lower rate you had previously.
  • What if I need a scholarship?
    We believe in making art accessible to all....just ask!
  • Still have questions?
    Send me an email and I will be happy to help at
  • Will the price ever increase?
    No! Once you join, you will lock in your price even if the price increases. As long as you are an active member, your price will remain stable and not increase. If you choose to pause, when you re-join, you will join at the current pricing.
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