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Do a Happy Dance!
We know we are!

Thank you

for registering and


to you for investing in


your joy,

and a week of fun

in sunny Costa Rica!  

Please click on the QR code/link below

to make your deposit or payment via PayPal. 


Your registration will not be considered valid

until your deposit/payment is made.


Note:  Rooms will be confirmed once your deposit/payment

is made and rooms will be first paid, first reserved.  


We will be in contact soon with more details.....

expect to receive an invitation to a free private chat group

to get to know others who will be joining you,

a packing list, travel details,

and fun yoga and creative tips and tricks

to enjoy before we gather.


~ Namaste ~

Your Joy of Life Retreat Leaders -

Marian and Tanya

Marian and Tanya - Joy of Life Retreat Leaders

Please make your deposit now

$350 + 13% Costa Rican VAT tax = $395.50

The balance will be due 30 days
prior to retreat start

Just open your phone's camera and point it at this QR code,
click open, and Voila!
*Please make sure to note which retreat you are attending in the notes of your payment.

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