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Yay!  It's time to choose your room..

When booking your room please note:

1.  Location of the room and details of room

 *First or second floor

(there is not an elevator, but someone will help you with your luggage)

*There is a Main house with 8 rooms, the main kitchen and dining room

where most group activities will take place

* There is a separate shared pool house with 3 bedrooms

*Two rooms in the pool house have a shared bath

*There are 3 private villas 

* All other rooms have private baths 

2.  Capacity of the room

(Single, Double, Triple, or Quad)

* You can choose which capacity from the different choices of the various rooms

* Prices are different for each choice

* Please note that you may only share a room with someone you know


Please note the title of the room you are booking as each room is listed in the different ways offered


Main House Room #1 with King bed can be booked two a single or as a double

Main House #1, King - Single


Main House #1, King - Double #1

Main House #1, King - Double #2

3.  Price of the room

* Based on the capacity you are choosing

4.  You may only choose a double, triple of quad room with people you know and/or are traveling with

5.  If you book a room (for example) as a double, and your friend ends up not attending, your price will change to the single occupancy rate and the difference will be due prior to the retreat

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