Adult Painting Classes:  

Thursdays 10:30am-2:30pm

We at Sage Brush Iove the creative process, in all its forms.   We teach adults how to enjoy creating both intuitively and considered and we like to teach various mediums within both of these methods.  For us, all art is entwined.  Intuitive painting is completely unique to each artist and we love giving a lesson and seeing how varied and different each artist interprets it.  Art exploration is made up of the millions of experiences that collide into each of us.....our culture, our adopted culture, our families, our hobbies, personal preferences, and experiences mingled with each of our minds, hearts, and souls. 


We believe that art is the gateway to a more balanced life in general.  Each artist is their own unique and individual self and both intuitive and considered art allow us each to carry on that creative conversation with our own individual is from our own lives that our own individual sense of creativity is allowed to bloom and blossom.  Art also allows each of us to check out from the stressors of life and to forget and forgive for a little bit as we tend to our broken parts, our uncertain parts, or our insecurities about our abilities.  Art allows us to be free, and if we let our self, forget all else and just feed our creative needs so we can return to our 'regular" lives rejuvenated. 

Each person's "Practice" of art is also different and varied.  Some artists need daily creative fixes to fuel our lives and nourish our souls.  Others just need creative time here and there.   The "Practice" of art is everything- the actual physical practicing is what fuels our creativity and allows it to spill into every aspect of our lives from nesting at home, to baking in the kitchen, to playing games with friends or kids.  To us.....The "Practice" IS life, and a direct link to a happy, creative life. 


We hope that you can join us soon in the studio to feel the power of creating, the power of intuition, and the power of art as a fun, spark igniting vehicle for a happier and more creative live overall.  Art is life!

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